Journal of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


Journal of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (JVBS) is a multidisciplinary journal poised with the obligation to highlight and endorse the significance of Veterinary, Biomedical and other related Science fields through the publication of current, classical, stimulating and interesting articles and reports obtained from various studies, research, literature reviews, surveillance and investigations. These findings have the capacity to bring about timely disease and ailment control or management protocols and can provide solution to myriads of problems bedevilling man and animals at various scales in different climates and regions.

This journal is basically aimed at enhancing professional capacities in various areas of speciality such as in the Academia and other field set-ups especially amongst Health and Agro-allied policy decision makers. The success of every edition is attributable to the tenacity of the Editorial Board and the team of devoted reviewers.

Every edition will hopefully have a wide coverage of scientific publications from research findings. It will further provide veritable platform for robust collaboration and networking amongst researchers.

Finally, all enquiries should be directed to the Editor-In-Chief.

Thank you.

Prof. Ode, Okwoche Julius