Journal of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences


Duties of Reviewers

  • Contribution to Editorial Decisions
  • Promptness
  • Confidentiality
  • Standards of Objectivity
  • Acknowledgement of Sources
  • Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

Contribution to Editorial Decisions

Peer review facilitates editorial decisions. Communication of the reviewers’ comments to the authors may also assist the authorsto improve on the quality of theirmanuscripts.


All reviewers are expected to return reviewed manuscripts within two weeks. Reviewers who cannot meet up with the timeline should notify the editorial board.


Manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents. They must not be shown to or discussed with others except as authorized by the editorial board.

 Standards of objectivity

Reviews should be conducted objectively. Personal criticism of the authors is inappropriate. Reviewers should express their views clearly with supporting arguments.

 Acknowledgement of sources

Reviewers should identify relevant published articles that have not been cited by the authors. Observations, derivations or arguments previously reported should be accompanied by the relevant citations. Reviewers should call to the attention of the editor in any suspected case of plagiarism.