Journal of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Volume 4 Issue 1 (2022)

Chibuogwu I.C., Onochie P., Ugheoke B. I., Maduekwe, I. M.

Reproductive Indices of Naturally Mated and Artificially Inseminated Quail Hens (Coturnix japonica): Is Artificial Insemination of Japanese Quail Hens Feasible in a Local Setting?


Simon,C., Adamu, S. G. , Atsanda, N. N. , Adamu N. B. , Tijjani, A. O. , Saleh, A. S. , Dauda, J.  and Bankole, A. S.

Prevalence of Tick Infestation and Endo Parasites Infection of Dogs in Abuja, Nigeria


Esonu M. C. , Kwanashie C. N. , Mamman P. H., Esonu D. O.

Phenotypic and Molecular Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolated from Donkeys Slaughtered in Abattoirs in Kaduna State, Nigeria


Ememe M. U. , Ukwueze C. S., Ani N. V.  Aloka C. H.

Seasonal Variations of Haematological and Biochemical Parameters Associated with Potential Laminitis in Apparently Healthy Horses


Anthony H,, Nwinyi F.C. and Mohammed A

Effects of Aqueous-Methanol Bulb Extract of Allium sativum on Gastric Ulcer and Gastrointestinal Motility


Ezema, K. U., Mshelia, G. D. , Lekko, Y. M., Bukar, Y. M., Mana H. P., Enem S. I., Igbokwe, I. O.  , Gambo, H. I., Godwin E., Tenuche O. Z. and Egwu, G. O.

Left Atrioventricular (AV) Thrombosis and a Compacted Fracture of Lumber Six and Seven Vertebrae in a Ten Year Old Alsatian Bitch


Adamu S. G., Mohammed, S. , Jajere S. M., Sadiq, M. A. , Tijjani, A. O., Lawan, F. A. , Lawal, J. R. and Abdullahi S. A

Serological Survey of Brucella Infection in Small Ruminants in Yobe North, Yobe State, Nigeria


Umeakuana, P. U., Ayeh, M. O., Abalaka, S. E., Omeje, J. N., Onah, J. A., ,Adeyemo, B. T., Mshelbwala, P. P., Akinbobola, J. S., Ogbe, A.O., Omamegbe, J. O.

Preliminary Report on the Effects of Varied Diminazene Diaceturate Dosages and Treatment Regimens on Trypanosoma brucei Clearance and Relapse in Experimentally Infected Wistar Rats


Anaedum, A. A ; Okafor, R.O.S; and Onah, J. A.

Fluid Therapy in Small Ruminants – A Review


Godwin E., Okolocha E. C. , Annette I., Ogbole M. E., Omeiza G. K. , Enem S. I.

Evaluation of Bacteriological Quality of Dried Crayfish (Procambarius clarkil) Sold at Selected Markets in Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria


Zaifada, A. U. , Yusuf, Z. B., Umar, M. A., Mohammed, A

Effects of Combinations of Medetomidine-Diazepam-Ketamine and Medetomidine-Ketamine Anesthesia on Haematology and Serum Biochemistry in Dogs


Ngulde S. I. , Umaru B. , Dogo H. M. , Mahre M. B. , Waziri A. , Giwa-Imam L. N. , Zongoma Y. A. , Umar S.  and Kefas J. I.

Effect of Cyclosporine on the Body Weight of Mice Inoculated with Prostate Cancer Tissues