Journal of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Volume 5 Issue 1 (2023)

Cover Page

Ogbu, K.I., Abdullahi M.A., Momoh-Abdullateef, H., Chukwudi, I.C., Bata, I.S., Ezema, K.U., Salami, A.C., Sabo, J.A., Aiyedun, P.O., Emennaa, C.I., Ihenatuoha, A.U., Tion, M.T., Malgwi R.I, Okonkwo, R.A

Evaluation of Antibody Titre in Dogs Vaccinated against Canine Parvovirus in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Yahi, D.,, Saleh, C., Mbaya, Y.P., Malgwi, K.D., Umaru, B., Mahre, M.B.

Effects of Dexamethasone on Body Weights and Some Physiological Parameters in different Sexes of Chinchilla Rabbits (Oryctalagus Lanigere)

Akpan M. O., Olaogun S. C., Akinniyi O. O.
Retrospective Prevalence Study of Mange Cases in Dogs Presented with Skin Lesions/Conditions at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria (2007 to 2019)

Fomenky B., Wungak Y.S. , Ehizibolo D.O., Sada A., Oyekan O.A., Inuwa B., Anyika K.C., Nfon C. and Ularamu G.H.

Bovine Sero- surveillance of Foot- and – Mouth Disease in Four States in Nigeria

Dauda, J., Abdulsalam, H., Bello, A.M., Audu, Y., Wakawa, A.M. and Bolorunduro, P.I.

Prevalence of Parasites Infestation in Cultured and Wild African Catfish in Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria

Saleh, A., Fatihu, M.Y., Muhammed, N., Sani, N. A., Abalaka, S.E. and Ibrahim, N.D.G.

Haematolocal Effects of Subacute Toxicity of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Datura metel Linn. and its Amelioration of Dimethoate Toxicity in Male Wistar Rats

Zaifada A. U., Muhammad S., Yusuf Z. B., Abidoye E. O., Hassan A. Z.

Bupivacaine, Ketamine And Bupivacaine – Ketamine Epidural Anaesthesia In Bitches Undergoing Ovariohysterectomy

Yusuf, Z.B., Zaifada, A. U., Laku, D., Haruna, A. A.

Haematological Changes Following Intramuscular and Per- Rectal Diclofenac Sodium Administration in Dogs undergoing Orchiectomy

Rayyanu, U. A., Olabode, M. P., Haliru, H., Logyang, L. E.., Bwala D., and Bolajoko, M. B.
Biosecurity and Economic Impact of Major Diseases of Livestock Among Rural Farmers in Plateau State, Nigeria: A Pilot Study.

Mobolaji A.A, Barde T1,, Oyelowo-Abdulraheem F.O, Usende I. L

The protective role of Ageratum conyzoides (Billy goat weed) in cyclophosphamide induced haematological damage and cytogenotoxicity

Ikpendu C. N, Udeh N. E., Egwu L. U., Orji E., Obasi C. C., Okite N., Nsisong S. E.

Evaluation of Antibacterial Effects of Combretum dolichopetalum Methanol Leaf Extract on some Pathogenic Bacteria